Pageant makeup gives you access to one of the most interesting choices of makeup that makes the wearer look bold and beautiful. It usually accentuates the classic look by giving it a higher and bolder look than the typical day-to-day wear. Consequently making you look glamorous in the runway and during the show. This can also be a daunting task for amateurs in the industry so we have compiled a few tips that you can make use of to, glam yourself up at the next pageant you take part in.

Taking Care of Your Face and Skin

This is one of the crucial steps to looking good and healthy on a runway and this cannot be done overnight. Make sure that you incorporate a good skin care routine into your life daily. You want to get rid of any dirt or excess oil from your face so that the makeup can enhance your best features. Wash your face with warm water and a cleanser. Tap dry your face with a towel and apply a good moisturizer all around the face and neck. You can also exfoliate your face to remove any dead skin cells once a week.

Application of Makeup

The first step is to apply a primer that helps hydrate and smooth out your skin. This is essential for pageant wear especially since you are going to be judged under harsh lighting and intense scrutiny. Even having the best eyebrow feathering Brisbane requires you to have a good overall coverage with a good primer and foundation that fits with your skin tone. Some of the more prominent imperfections such as dark circles can be addressed by the use of a concealer. Make sure to pick a concealer that blends well with your foundation.

Eye Makeup

The colours you pick for your eyes depend on the colour of your dress, eyes and your skin tone. For example, if it is a night event, it would be glamorous to go for bolder and darker colours with a touch of shimmer. However, if it is for an interview during the day, going for light or neutral shades will give a more professional yet relaxed look. After the application of the eye shadow, use mascara and eyeliner to further enhance and add volume to your eyes.


When it comes to the lips, your choice of colour would once again depend on your skin tone and the outfit you will be wearing. So if you have a cool undertone to your skin, choosing reds with a trace of blue while warmer skin tones tend to look good with orangish-red hues. Don’t forget to outline your lips with a lip liner to make your lips pop and help the lipstick stay in place. Make sure this is done subtly as you don’t want your lips to look unnatural. Finish off your entire look by applying some highlighting powder to give your best features a glow. The highlighting powder should once again be picked to suit your skin tone.