Getting mind blowing orgasms is one of the pleasures great sex can give us. Unfortunately, there is only a fewer number of women who experience this during sex compared to men. There are actually simple tricks you can do to achieve better orgasms, spice up your sex life and even improve your relationship with your partner.

Extend Foreplay

Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, has a primary contribution for intense orgasms. Physical touch is the simple way to release this hormone and you can achieve it through cuddling, kissing, or any bonding you do with your partner. If you’re aiming for that amazing orgasm, try extending foreplay as long as you could for better sexual performance and great orgasms.

Use a Vibrator

Vibrators don’t have a good reputation for most men but if you’re having a hard time reaching the climax, try talking to him to consider using it. After all, vibrators are purposely made to give intense and consistent orgasms. Choose one that suits your body and your needs perfectly. You don’t have to worry about personally going out to an adult store because you can now choose from a wide variety of options and buy vibrators online.

Try a Different Position

Sometimes, a change in your usual sex position is what you need to achieve an orgasm. Try out positions that greatly stimulate the clitoris for more pleasure during sex. The woman on top position, for example, is one of the tested positions that surely give consistent orgasms. You may also try to be adventurous and discover other positions that work best with you and your partner.

Delaying Gratification

Instead of the usual speeding into the climax, delaying it yields to stronger and better orgasms. To do this, just let the tension build up until the brink of climax and stop or ease down for a while and repeat until both of you can’t take the tension anymore.

Try Out a Fantasy

Incorporating fantasy during foreplay and sex makes it even more interesting and exciting. It also takes your mind of on the usual daily stressors which greatly affects your mood during sex. One of the easiest ways to do this is through role play. Choose a scenario which you and our partner will act out. You may even use props or costumes to make it more interesting. Or if your partner isn’t up for role play, you can simply fantasize about something or someone but make sure to keep it to yourself.

Shut Off Other Senses

Shutting off your other senses heightens the others and this holds particularly true during sex. Try wearing a blindfold, turning off the lights or anything that could take out other senses in the picture. You’ll notice that you are more tuned in to the physical sensations and the wholeness of the sexual encounter in itself.

Sex should be enjoyable for both people involved in it and finding ways to achieve a better climax is one of the ways to enjoy the pleasures of it.