Looking for that perfect quilt that can give you the most peaceful night’s rest? Then there are a few things that you should look into. For example, are you a cold or hot sleeper? Do you have any allergies, do you like to sleep feeling light and lofty or is there a comfort that you draw from having a heavier quilt? There are a versatile range of quilts that you can choose from, that cater to pretty much any kind of sleeper. One of the main things to consider is the filling that is used in the quilt. So, here are some brief guidelines on the type of filling and what it means for you.

Woollen Quilts

For a long time now, Australian wool quilt options have been extremely popular and with good reason. They are made of natural wool from Australia and they are exceedingly breathable, which also means that they help regulate your body temperature. On the days that you feel cold, it will keep you warm and on the warm days you will still be cool. It also has a weighty feel that most sleepers appreciate. The best thing about this type of quilt is that it allows for warmth that is balanced all around the year. It is also excellent for those who have allergies and asthma as it is hypoallergenic. The quilts also are known to help relieve aches and pains which is actually therapeutic.

Feather and Down Quilts

These are natural too and have a high warmth range which makes them good for cold sleepers only. The higher the percentage of down, the warmer the quilt will be. It also is capable of retaining heat and insulating you which also gives a very light and lofty feeling. Goose down is also a known superior form of down that provides more warmth than duck warmth. There are many suppliers who produce goose down ethically and you must check on this before you buy too.

Microfiber Quilts

These are made of manmade fibres and can offer you medium to high warmth and is great for cold sleepers as well. It has a down like feel and is also designed deliberately to match the feel of down and feathers. It is light and also looks great once you put it on the bed. It is equally good for allergy and asthma patients and is quite a popular choice too, though maybe not as much as wool.

Cotton Quilts

These natural breathable fibres allow for a low warmth rating and that makes it available for hot sleepers. It is capable of drawing heat away from the body and is made of Australian cotton a lot of the time. It is also alright for asthma and allergy sufferers and is easily maintained as it is safe to be put in the tumble dry.  So now that you have a clear idea of what the benefits and drawbacks are in each of the fillings, you can make a wise choice on buying your quilt, so that your sleep will not be affected by it.