Most people think that great photography is all about using an expensive camera  but this is untrue and it often comes down to good technique. If you don’t like how your photos are turning out then it is most probably because you are not making use of your camera as effectively. Therefore, reviewing some of its features and understanding them would be a good first step to get started. Light plays an important role in ensuring that your photos come out right therefore it is important to find, adjust and adapt your light source to your best advantage. Take a look at the following steps that you can consider to improve the quality of your photos.

Familiarize With the Features of Your Camera

Take all the time you need to understand the features of your camera so that you can use it properly. Reading the manual will help you familiarize with the controls such as the menu buttons and basic actions such as on and off, shutter buttons and zoom lens to name a few. Moreover, there are many online tutorials that you will be able to find that matches with the brand of your camera. These will give you a practical idea of getting used to various features and tips.  If you are planning to buy a camera but are not sure of what to get, then YouTube product reviews and videos will help you figure out some of the basic features that you might like personally. Most people get started this way even a reputed photographer NYC would advise you to start fresh by understanding your camera.

Setting Your Camera

The next important step is to set the camera so that you don’t have difficulty keeping the camera steady when you want to photograph certain subjects. The best way to do this is to use a tripod. A tripod will keep the camera still and lets you adjust it in different angles. You can always start off with an inexpensive tripod such as the mini ones so that you can keep them on table tops and photograph them at lower angles. In addition, it helps to set the camera’s resolution high as it is most often challenging to edit and alter low resolution images if needed. Keep in mind that adjusting the camera to high resolution means that these photos will take a considerable amount of storage space. Therefore, you may have to consider a larger memory card.

Find the Right Light Adjustment

Identify the direction in which light is coming from to ensure that your subject gets the best lighting. Ideally the light needs to fall directly or well enough to illuminate it properly. For instance; if you are outside consider where the sunlight is coming from and note how it is forming its light on the subject, making adjustments to it accordingly. So you will have to consider what angles your subject looks most flattering or interesting in. Avoid taking photos when the light is directly behind the subject as this will only give a dark or shadowy image.