Ladies hear a lot of misconception about shapewears that somehow they get confused whether or not to get one for themselves. It is normal to do a little research on something especially if you’re new to it. Here, we debunk these myths and make you realize that shapewears are really vital in any woman’s wardrobe.

Shapewear Makes You Smaller/Helps You Lose Weight

This is obviously not true. Shapewear is made to tone your body and shape them to give you sleeker body curves but they do not make you fit into clothes that are way smaller than your size. They are made to flatter your innate body figure and make it look stunning in anything you wear over them. They are also made to aid your posture for that absolutely stunning aura. Choosing shapewears smaller than your size would really feel uncomfortable and awkward instead of boosting your confidence. Always choose the right size for you to achieve its perfect flattering effect.

Only plus Size Women Wear Shapewear

This one is absolutely false. Shapewear come in all sizes, both for slender and curvy ladies. A lot of slim women still wear body shapers to boost their figure and look sexier in their outfits. For curvier ones, womans plus size shapewear gives them smoother looking curves without compromising on their comfort.

Shapewear Is Uncomfortable

Again, this is another myth. Shapewears are never meant to be uncomfortable. If you have chosen the right size and fit for you, it’s like you’re not wearing them at all. Choose the right shapewear for your size and body shape to have a comfortable fit. If it rolls up or down, it means that you have chosen the wrong shapewear.

It Is Old Fashioned

Women have been using shapewears way back in the old times. Body shapers have changed from old-fashioned look to a sexier and more chic style to fit in our times. It will never be old-fashioned since women will always strive to look great and stunning no matter how times have passed.

You Can Wash Shapewear Just Like Ordinary Garments

This one’s a big no-no. Shapewears should be washed and dried separately from other garments. Never use hot water to wash your shapewear as it will damage the fabric and its shaping power. Shapewears must not be tumble-dried if you want it to stay perfectly in shape. To be sure that you won’t damage your best buddy, read and follow the care and instructions in its label to make it last long.

Wearing More Than One Shapewear Gives Better Results

It is absolutely false. You don’t need different shapewears for every part you want to shape. Identify the specific parts you want to enhance and pick a shapewear that handles all of them. There are lots of styles to choose from and each of them has different uses.

Only Women Use Shapewear

Nowadays, men can also enjoy the enhancing effect of body shapers. There are already shapewear specifically made for men and are usually designed as shaping undershirts and underwear.

Now you’ve cleared your mind of the myths about body shapers, you can now enjoy it amazing benefits without any doubt.