There really is a lot to enjoy about the summertime. The beautiful weather and carefree feeling alone are enough for you to longingly look forward to this time of the year. Of course, as the temperature starts rising, there is something else that you need to think about – your clothes. Now, if you have been flipping through magazines you are going to find lots of tips and guidelines trying to help you out. However, these can often get quite confusing and difficult to follow, making it tough for you to figure out your summer style. So, if you are looking for a no-frills approach to your fashion choices, here is what you need to know:

Keep It Comfortable

The first thing you need to remember about summer fashion is that comfort is key. As the days get warmer, you are going to need to be a bit more careful about what you wear, if you don’t want to melt in the heat. So, when in doubt, always go for loose Little Lies skirts, dresses, and pants – or similar pieces from other designers. Unless you know that you will be in air conditioning you may want to avoid anything that is too form fitting. These will simply cause you to feel warmer and will also stick to your skin. You may also want to avoid pieces with a lot of embellishments like beading and fringe as these can just add weight to the clothes.

Go for Light Colours

Most women tend to have wardrobes that have a lot of black, dark blues, and greys. After all, these hues are universally flattering and can be slimming as well. Nevertheless, you may want to set these shades aside during the summertime. One of the reasons, as you are aware, is that darker colours absorb sun while lighter options reflect sunlight. Therefore, you will be a lot cooler in lighter hues. At the same time, light clothes simply have a more fitting vibe for summer. They exude a sense of fun and carefreeness which most people associate with this season. So, have fun with pastel and neon-hued clothes while you can.

Accessorise with Purpose

During the summer, you may be less inclined to wear too much jewellery. After all, chunky necklaces and bracelets can weigh you down and make you feel a lot warmer as well. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your accessories, though. Instead, it is all about becoming a little bit more creative. For instance, you may want to buy several different pairs of sunglasses. Look for different styles that can suit various environments, moods, or outfit choices.

Hats and scarves are also a great way to add personality to your ensemble. Not to mention, you shouldn’t forget hair accessories like headbands, clips, and everything else that can be used to keep the hair off your neck but also look good at the same time.

These are the main tips to focus on when you are constructing your summer wardrobe. This way, you will find that you are prepared, regardless of the occasion.