Planning on going vegan? Thinking of starting a life that is animal friendly? It might not be harder as it sounds. However, being vegan is not just limited to your kitchen and diet. While meals are indeed a necessary part of it there are many other areas that you need to be aware of if you are to make a real change.

Start with Meals

Meals are not the only thing to worry about. But it is still an important part in a vegan lifestyle. Being vegan means not consuming any of the animal product which means meat or other products such as dairy products and eggs also has to be excluded from your diet. And once you are starting to remove these proteins from your diet, it is important to add what you lose using plant products. Start introducing whole grains. LEGUMES, nuts and seeds into your diet to make up for the nutrients you lost.

Learn as You Go

Transitioning into a vegan lifestyle after years of consuming meat or other animal products won’t be exactly smooth. This is why it is important that you start learning new things day by day and not converting entirely on one day. You might find your meals boring or not liking the taste. This is where you should try a little bit of experimenting with the ingredients you do have. Try to find out what flavours you like the most. Come up with new recipes by yourself. Learn new recipes, learn the ways of storing and cooking new ingredients.

Don’t Change Your Routines

Being vegan does not mean you have to only depend on home cooked meals. While home cooked meals are the best and the healthiest, you can still eat from outside once in a while. Try to find out the vegan food places in your area. Ask your friends or neighbours who are already vegan. Do a quick search in the internet. You might even find that some of the non-vegan places will still have vegan options on their menus.

Know What You wear

Like said earlier, vegan is not only concerned with the food you eat. It is also what you wear. This would mean avoiding fashion products that are using animal products when they are manufactured. Some items you should avoid include, leather (suede, alligator skin, snakeskin, kangaroo skin) wool, cashmere, silk, fur and feathers. Instead go for items that are made of synthetic material such as faux leather, faux fur or faux suede. Microfiber, hemp, bamboo, viscose and acrylic are some other materials that vegan can try.

Beauty Products and Cosmetics

Beauty industry uses animal products as much as the fashion industry does. When buying beauty products make sure to check for products with the leaping bunny certification so that you know they are not animal tested. Stay clear of products that use animal pigmentation, animal oils, beeswax or other animal products such as gelatine. You can buy some of the best vegan skincare and beauty products here at Instead use products that use synthetic or plant alternatives. When picking your makeup brushes always look for those with synthetic fibre and not animal hair.

Being vegan does not have to happen overnight. You can start your process slowly and if you need there are vegan support groups you can try joining up. Remember to take small steps and not pushing yourself to change in a rush.