Festivals and carnivals alike have easily become a battlefield for the trendiest outfits. Between wearing swimsuits to maxi-dresses, it’s often easy to feel under-dressed or over-dressed and make the simplest of styling errors without the right guide to prepare you. Here are some tips to make sure you turn up looking stylishly on point on such occasions.

Wear Your Hair Up

You really don’t want to style yourhair to an impeccable degree only to have it a knotted mess at the end of theday. It’s best if you invest that time into braiding your hair and pinning itup perhaps or considering any hairstylethat will ensure you don’t lose an hour of sleep detangling your hair once youreturn home.

Accessorize With Floppy Hats

If this is a festival during the day, you’re definitely going to have to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. Those flower crowns certainly won’t do the job well so ensure your safety and stick to a hat that will complement your outfit.

Complement with A Bandana

Trendy? Yes. Bandanas make for the quintessential accessory when it comes to festivals. But no, it doesn’t stop there. Bandanas also have a high practical use. Festivals and carnivals often get pretty dusty so what’s better than using your bandana, conveniently tied to your wrist, to mop away that unseemly line of sweat beading on your brow.

Don’t Forget a Purse

We don’t mean just any purse. You need something that’s both stylish and practical. Consider bohemian leather wallets for this use. Varying in sizes according to your needs, choose a boho style accessory that will no doubt complement your outfit. This product will add the finishing touch to your outfit and you will definitely be deemed ‘festival-ready’ with it by your side.

Go Light on the Make-Up

Regardless of whether you will beattending a music festival or a Christmas carnival, there will no doubt beactivities you’ll be participating in. If this is an event where you’ll bespending the entire day out in the sun- and not to mention, if there’s dancinginvolved- maintaining fresh facial beauty will be nearly impossible. So golight on your makeup. Natural, light touches would be best.

Don’t Forget To Layer Up

Your outfit is going to needversatility. Weather conditions for an event that carries on till the evening are bound to get more chilly as you progress sodon’t forget to bring a light jacket (denim almost always fits the bill).There’s also the probability of it beginning to rain so don’t forget to checkthe weather forecast to ensure that you’re prepared (at least mentally) foranything that comes your way.

Outfit Inspiration

It goes without saying that the trendiest attires for festivals and carnivals stem from that of boho influence. Be it patterned outfits, tribal pieces, maxi skirts, flared jeans or tops, staying true to boho style guarantees you that stylish entrance. Fringed accessories, a crotchet cropped top, denim shorts and ankle boots is one classic festival piece where you can never go wrong.

A lot of planning goes into ouroutfits, but just remember to consider the practicalities of everything you doso you can make sure that you’re comfortable enough to be able to have a greattime. After all, that is what matters most!